Published Color Cover Work

This page hosts all cover images with Sean’s colors over other people’s line work.

Coffin Comics

Image Comics

Virus/Heavy Metal

Totally Rad Comics



Source Point Press


Wonderland: Birth of Madness (Zenescope) – Lineart by Daniel Leister, Colors by Sean Forney

1First Comics / Devil’s Due

Altered Reality Comics

Alcyone Studios

Alterna Comics

Bear Claw

Counterpoint Comics: All Out Pooh

Counterpoint Comics: Tiggomverse

Counterpoint Comics: Persuasion

Faerie Metal Publications (Eule’s Vision)

Counterpoint Comics: Savage Eve

Counterpoint Comics: Hardlee Thinn

Counterpoint Comics: Do You Pooh

Counterpoint Comics: Notti & Nyce

Clint Hilinski

Hanging Chad Entertainment

Comic Art Groupie

Covers: Various Clients

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