Digital Coloring Work

Digital Coloring

This page contains work where Sean’s colors are over other artist’s lineart. If you would like to see Sean’s lineart , sequential samples, or cover art please click their respective links. For a list of clients please click on the Clients page. 

Published Covers, Sequential Pages, and Pin-ups/Single Images

Recent Color Work:

Digital Colors: Covers

This page hosts all cover images with Sean’s colors over other people’s line work. Coffin Comics Totally Rad Comics IDW Aftershock Image Comics Source Point Press Zenescope 1First Comics / Devil’s Due Altered Reality Comics Alcyone Studios Alterna Comics Bear Claw Counterpoint Comics: Savage Eve Counterpoint Comics: Hardlee Thinn Counterpoint Comics: Do You Pooh Counterpoint … Continue reading Digital Colors: Covers

Digital Coloring: Sequential Pages

This pages hosts sequential pages, Sean’s colors over other people’s line work. Book of Lyaxia #3 (Alcyone Studios) Franklin & Ghost Origins: Delilah (Source Point Press) Delta Dawn (Corgi Press) Raver J (HCMP and After Party Books) Rhode Warrior (Altered Reality Comics) Lark’s Killer #9 (1First Comics) Lark’s Killer #8 (1First Comics) Lark’s Killer #7 … Continue reading Digital Coloring: Sequential Pages

Digital Coloring: Pin-ups & Single Images

This page hosts any pin-up or single image with Sean’s color work over other people’s line work. Pin-ups and Images for Clint Hilinski Pin-ups and Images for Jim Hanna Pin-ups and Images for Roger Andrews Pin-ups and Images for Guy Dorian Pin-ups and Images for Marat Mychaels Pin-ups and Images for Various Artists