Scarlet Huntress

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Live on Kickstarter starting 10/13/20 – 11/12/20 – Scarlet’s Field Guide to Cryptids & other Creatures featuring artwork from 16 artists in a journal format comic book in full color, 64 pages. Check out the Kickstarter campaign with add-ons and exclusives here.

Scarlet Huntress Adventures is out now! We had a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019. This new book is 3 short stories in full color with some amazing covers and awesome stretch goals. You can purchase the book and exclusive covers through the online store.

Scarlet Huntress Exclusive Prints

2019 Limited Edition Official Comic-Con Print, 2018 Limited Edition Official WonderCon Print, 2017 Limited Edition Official Comic-Con International Prints (x2), and the 2016 Limited Edition Official Comic-Con Print.

Scarlet Huntress #1

Written by Stephanie Forney, Art by Sean Forney

After running away for two years due to the death of her mother, Scarlet returns hoping to move on with her life. Instead her plans change when she learns of a secret family legacy that will change her life forever. Through her grandmother Scarlet learns of a hidden world full of evil, werewolves, and huntresses. Now Scarlet must decide if she will follow in the secret family business and become the next Scarlet Huntress.

Scarlet Huntress #2

Written by Stephanie Forney, Art by Sean Forney

Scarlet #2 takes us on a journey deeper into the life of Scarlet. Through her grandmother, Scarlet learns of a hidden world full of evil, werewolves, and huntresses. She begins her training and now Scarlet must decide if she will follow in the secret family business and complete her FIRST KILL as a Huntress.

Scarlet Huntress: Tales Through Time

Thank you to all the fans out there who supported, backed, and spread the word about the Scarlet Huntress Kickstarter. The book was completed in November 2013 and shipped out to all our backers and local stores. If you missed out on the Kickstarter you will be able to purchase the new book and new art prints through the website and other online resources. To see the information about the Kickstarter please go here.

The Scarlet Huntress Tales Through Time book is a collaboration of three stories written by John Barker, Bryan K. Borgman (a.k.a. Stratos), and Stephanie Forney. All artwork is done by Sean Forney and for the first time the entire book will be done in full digital color.

The Hollow (by John Barker)

Scarlet finds herself hunting werewolves in a small town in Siberia. But she soon discovers that werewolves aren’t the enemy in this case… it’s something bigger and blood-thirsty, a cryptid beast who will not be stopped easily. 

Enter the Huntress (by Bryan K. Borgman)

This story takes us into the future with Scarlet, where she is well-established as a werewolf huntress and has begun working with the Special Mission Force (an organization that works to fight all various kaiju monsters in our world). 

Search for Answers (by Stephanie Forney)

This story will be a continuation where issue #2 leaves us – after Scarlet’s first kill she starts to do more and seeks out the hiding places of werewolves in order to find out more about them. Follow Scarlet as she dived into her search for answers in her mother’s murder.

Scarlet Huntress Adventures

Written by Stephanie Forney, Art by Sean Forney

Scarlet Goes to Comic Con

Sean was commissioned by the Greater Columbus Convention Center to create a piece of original art for their permanent art collection. The piece can be seen on the Scarlet Convention Center page above.

Continuing the story featuring the artwork on display at the Greater Columbus Convention Center as part of the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority collection. In the story Scarlet investigates rumblings of a werewolf sighting and adventure ensues when she arrives and finds a huge surprise! 

Scarlet vs. The Gremlins

Scarlet is alerted to werewolf trouble at an Air Force base but ends up tangling with a new adversary, gremlins. She must find a way to rid the base of these Cryptids quietly before the military finds out she’s there! 

The Secret Amulet

After Scarlet tracked down the mansion where her mother’s suspected killer was supposed to be hiding only to find a note and a dagger, Scarlet is now looking for clues to the dagger’s origin. Hoping to find some answers leading to her mother’s killer again, she seeks help from Grams’ old friend but stumbles upon a theft ring, werewolves, an amulet, and more questions than answers! 

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